MODERN H-1045NC Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear

The brand-name MODERN is synonymous to quality and performance. For over 20 years, MODERN machines have been sold, tried and tested in North America. We call that SUCCESS!


  • Top blade angle is adjustable hydraulically with LED display on control panel to suit different thickness cutting
  • Stroke is adjustable via timer to save cycle time for cutting narrow work pieces to increase working efficiency.
  • In auto mode, work piece feeding time (interval time of top blade at top position) is adjustable by means of a timer
  • The centralized hydraulic logical system provides best performance under fast speed and long working time
  • Hydraulic variable pressure hold downs can ensure perfect cutting
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  • Adjustable cutting angle and inclined shearing direction eliminate bowing and twist.
  • High grade carbon/chrome alloy blades ensure maximum accurate cutting and longer blade life.
  • Blade clearance is quickly and easily adjusted
  • All electrics and motors are overload protected
  • Jog, single cutting and auto mode
  • Ball transfer filler plates for easy and fast moving of work piece
  • Electrics: 208 Volt, 3 Ph
  • Cutting capacity, mild steel: 10 ga x 122”
  • Strokes per minute: 25 – 35
  • Top blade: Hydraulic adjustment rake angle
  • Top blade rake angle: 0.5 – 2°
  • Hold downs: – numbers 16
    • – pressure 9.6 Tons
  • Gauge range: – front 1000 mm
    • – back 600 mm
  • Oil tank capacity: 40 gallons
  • Motor: 15 HP
  • Shipping weight: 4,500 kgs
  • Packing size (approx): 157”L x 49”W x 65”H
  • NC Back gauge, single positioning NC type
  • Front support arm with front setter
  • Side gauge with dual scale
  • Finger guard
  • 4 edge bottom blade, 2 edge top blade
  • Shadow line light
  • Full electrics & cabinet, foot switch with safety protection
  • Hydraulic independent hold-downs
  • Overload protected hydraulic system