HYD-MECH DM-12 Double Miter Band Saw

HYD-MECH DM-12 Double Miter Band Saw

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The Hyd-Mech DM-12 is a double miter band saw that provides exceptional cutting capability. This versatile saw saves operator set-up time and its compact design makes it ideal for use in tight working spaces.

Its cast iron head and vises are designed for rigidity – absorbing vibrations and ensuring accuracy during cutting. A rotating table with single cut line allows head and blade groove to move together for smooth, accurate mitering.

From user-friendly operator controls, to easily accessible electrical panels and cabinets, the DM-12double miter band saw is solidly built to provide maximum productivity.

  • Easy sliding, cast iron vises
  • Heavy-duty cast iron head and wheels supported by a rigid pivot point reduces vibration when cutting
  • Precise head rotation
  • Carbide guides for longer blade life
  • Blade control handle to start and stop blade in manual mode
  • Coolant pump for band lubrication and cooling
  • Conveniently located control panel within safe operator reach
  • Safety limit switches
  • Manual blade tension with tension meter and blade breakage switch
  • Square 10.23″
  • Round 11.8″
  • Specifications

    Capacity at 90°Rectangular 12.9″ x 10.23″
    Blade size1″
    Hp2/2.5 HP
    Mitering?60° left, 45° left and right