Need Band-Saw Blades?


Tooth Selection Chart: Identifying what type of blade you need to have to get the job done is half of the battle. The following chart will help you in figuring out what blade type, blade thickness and blade pitch you need to cut square, round and other material types.

What is Blade Break-in? A new band saw blade has razor sharp tooth tips as a result of the forming of the teeth. In order to with-stand the cutting pressures used in band sawing, the tooth tip should be honed to form a micro-fine radius. Cutting with high-pressure without performing this honing will cause microscopic damage to tips of the teeth, resulting in loss of blade life.

Why Break-in a Band Saw Blade? Completing a proper break-in on a new band saw blade will dramatically increase its blade life.

Having Issues with your Band-Saw? Incorrect blade, Band tension too high, Excessive feed, Incorrect cutting fluid are a few of the issues you may encounter while trying to get your band-saw machine working. We put together a “Troubleshooting Guide” to help you identify the issue and resolve it accordingly.

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