REFURBISHED 10FT 14GA PF-1014 S Folder

REFURBISHED 10FT 14GA PF-1014 S Folder

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Remanufactured Equipment

Regardless of the size or scope of work, Roper Whitney’s equipment remanufacturing solutions will provide value for machine owners dealing with “end-of-life” worn equipment, obsolescence, reliability and productivity issues. Remanufactured machines are a cost-effective solution for increasing performance and improving quality, providing safety upgrades and reducing maintenance and down-time.

Factory rebuilds are completed at our 126,000 square foot facility located in the heart of Rockford, IL. Here machines are stripped down to the base and completely overhauled. A general scope of work will include but not limited to:

  • All major castings cleaned, primed and painted
  • Sub-assemblies inspected and repaired as needed
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies repaired or replaced as needed
  • All bearings, bushings, contactors replaced
  • Tooling inspected and replaced as needed
  • Each machine is thoroughly tested by our engineers before shipping to your shop floor and all re-manufactured machines carry a 90 day warranty. Our team will ensure that your machine continues to deliver the quality and efficiency you require to maintain your competitive advantage.


    More than the sum of its parts, the Orion control system combines the capabilities of Roper Whitney’s pendant control systems with new features for a quantum leap in productivity and power.

    The Orion system enhances the skills of the sheet metal fabricator by providing the means to quickly transfer the operator’s knowledge into useful part programs.

    All new Windows-based software is combined with a powerful machine controller, specifically designed for the Autobrake. This system delivers a high powered stable solution for all folding needs.

    The Orion software comes packaged within an Intel® Pentium® computer combined with Flat Panel display technology for high speed system response, and easy viewing of the operator interface.  The computer system is pre-configured for connection to an inter-office Network.

    The computer is modular in design for easy service of the touch panel and critical computer components, such as a removable hard drive bay.  High quality brand name components are used in the design for long life and reliability:

  • Intel® Pentium® processor
  • 15″ Sharp® flat panel display
  • ELO® anti-glare touch screen
  • Western Digital® hard drive
  • The computer is housed within a sealed oil-tight enclosure to prevent dust and water contamination. A door is located at the left side of the enclosure to gain access to the floppy drive, CD-ROM, and serial and network connections.

    The computer is rated to operate in environments from 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C): cooling units are available for temperatures above 122°F. The machine warranty does not cover damage to computer components from excessive temperatures above 122°F (50°C).

    The Orion Control integrates the operation of the positioning gauge, bending leaf, and clamping mechanisms, and has the capability to store over one million part programs.


    The Orion system provides greater flexibility to the operator with fewer keystrokes, resulting in a user interface that is easy to learn, and increases productivity.

    The main run screen is combined with the programming screen for reduced operator inputs, providing all of the vital information the operator needs.

    Creation of part programs can be done by text entry in the main operations screen, or part profiles can be drawn and converted into programs.  Both part programs and drawings can be stored on the computer’s hard drive for future use.

    Part profiles drawings are created in vector format, allowing the part to change its shape and size dynamically as bend angles and line lengths are altered.  Parts can then be visually verified as correct prior to creating the part program.

    Part profile drawings can be altered in any way.  Bends can be inserted, deleted, or altered as the operator desires.  Therefore, stored profiles can be changed into other types of shapes on demand.

    Hem and radius macros can also be used to create architectural shapes, or other curved forms.

    The part drawing system uses the drawing information entered by the operator, combined with the selection of gauge edges for each bend, to automatically determine the material handling requirements for each part profile.

    Programming Functions are:

  • Bend angle
  • Gauging distance
  • Offsets for hem operations
  • Programmable delay for backgauge and gauge fingers for each operation of the program
  • Open, closed, or teardrop hemming
  • Open hem height
  • Clamping force
  • Jaw opening
  • Springback compensation
  • Tool selection – box tool or standard jaw
  • Radius profile macro
  • Customer alpha/numeric part number (255 characters maximum)
  • Information screen for entering of part related data
  • Material handling instructions
  • Programmable part counter
  • Specifications

    Maximum bending length122″
    Rated bending capacity, mild steel14 gauge
    Backgauge weight capacity700 lbs.
    Backgauge travel61″
    Working height35″
    Open height5.3″
    Bending beam adjustment2.0″
    Control typeOrion