Roper Whitney Kombi Beam Autobrake CNC Folder

Roper Whitney Kombi Beam Autobrake CNC Folder

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Standard Features:

  • Plate and weldment steel construction, delivering superior performance.
  • Features a simplified rigid design.
  • Clamping and hemming are programmed.
  • Upper beam is driven to program settings on both ends by a brake motor and eccentric drive of the mean with a connecting shaft.
  • Clamping and hemming power is delivered to the clamp jaws by a series of spring washers to provide variable clamping pressures with a shock-absorbing end stop.

    Synergy is the newest software designed for Roper Whitney’s line of powered folding machines. It is a highly advanced CNC system that takes the complexity out of programming and running parts. The full-color, graphical touch screen allows you to store, browse and search for parts, as well as create new parts on the fly.

    The software also brings together information from the office-based Konstruct program and the field-based Konstruct Mobile with Roper Whitney’s technical support program Konnect.

  • Easy Windows-based touch screen control
  • Auto sequences the part
  • 3-D part display
  • DXF file import capability
  • Specifications

    ManufacturerRoper Whitney
    Max. thickness14Ga
    Overall length10′