HYD-MECH DM-1318P Double Mitering Semi-Automatic Band Saw

HYD-MECH DM-1318P Double Mitering Semi-Automatic Band Saw

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The DM-1318P double miter, semi-automatic band sawprovides exceptional miter cutting for medium duty applications.

Its versatile swing head with easy to read angle scale, saves operator time. The heavy-duty gearbox and motor assembly ensures the DM-1318P will deliver maximum productivity. The cast iron double swivel head features an easy to read angle scale and “quick” stops at 90, 45, and 60 degree positions. The cast iron vise slides on linear ways which can be easily positioned to either the left or right side of the head and includes a quick release mechanism for rapid positioning.

Featuring a 13″H x 17 3/4″ W capacity at 90°, 5.4 HP motor, and 1 1/4″ blade, the DM-1318P is a versatile double miter band saw.

  • Automatic, hydraulically powered head lifting in semi-automatic mode
  • Controller displays machine mode, number of cuts, cutting time, amp meter, blade tension, blade speed, overallmachine run time, head position, and language selection
  • Manually positioned easy swing head frame features an easy to read angle scale and is equipped with stops at 90°, 45°, and 60°
  • Adjustable gravity feed control
  • Heavy-duty cast iron head and wheels supported by rigid pivot point reduces vibrations while cutting
  • Hydraulic cast iron vise is easily positioned to either left or right side of teh head and is equipped with replaceable wear strips
  • Centrifugal pump delivers ample coolant to cutting area
  • Moveable guide arm located on a linear rail for proper guide arm spacing
  • Carbide guides for longer blade life
  • Replaceble blade brush driven off blade drive
  • Mechanical blade tensioning with digital readout
  • Equipped with saftey door interlocks
  • Laser light
  • Square 13″
  • Round 13″
  • Specifications

    Capacity at 90°Rectangular 13″ x 17 3/4″
    Blade size1 1/4″
    Hp5.4 HP
    Mitering?60° left and right