ELUMATEC MGS 500A Semi-Auto Circular Miter Saw

ELUMATEC MGS 500A Semi-Auto Circular Miter Saw

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Machines manufactured by elumatec are only put on the market if they meet our high standards in terms of reliability, efficiency, and accuracy.


  • 240-575 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Ph Electrics
  • 5.5 HP Drive Motor
  • Two Manual Horizontal Clamps
  • Cast Construction – Head and frame support, back fence, etc.
  • 3300 rpm Saw blade speed
  • Two Vertical Pneumatic Clamps
  • Pneumatic Saw head Feed
  • Air Service Unit
  • Pulse Spray Mist Coolant System
  • Ability to tilt 45° to the right
  • Upstroke Saw blade Motion
  • Circular Saw blade (500 mm / 19.69” diameter max.)
  • Tools
  • One (1) Year Limited Warranty
  •  MGS 500A (Dia. 500mm) Semi-Automatic Circular Miter Saw-Standard with Pneumatic Sawhead Feed, Intermediate Tilting Angles with Handwheel and Digital Readout (Adjustable Between 90 and 45 degrees), (2 ea.) Vertical Pneumatic Clamps, Two Hand Safety Control, Safety Cover with Plexiglass Window Insert, Pulse Spray Blade Lubricant System, and Circular Sawblade.
  • Specifications

    Operation andService Manual