HYD-MECH Futuro-310CNC Band Saw

HYD-MECH Futuro-310CNC Band Saw

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The Double Column Futuro Series features fully automatic operation with storage up to 300 jobs

The Double Column Futuro Series features :

  • Fully automatic operation with storage up to 300 jobs
  • Material indexing up to 23.5” in a single stroke driven by a stepper motor and ball screw assembley
  • Remnant piece 0.98” (25 mm)
  • Heavy-duty, cast iron head reduces vibrations, increases stability, and blade life
  • Cutting library features materials list with pre-set parameters
  • Pre-set cutting parameters -blade speed, feed rate, blade tensioning, amperage draw, and chip load to name a few. Provided in several different languages
  • Flood coolant with wash down hose
  • Laser light helps to position material accurately
  • Cast Iron Head Supported by Linear Bearings & Fed Using Ball Screws
  • Choose in the material library (that can be extended by the user) the material type, geometry and hardness, the type of band saw blade to be used and the control automatically sets the feed rate and the band rotation speed
  • Software updates can be sent via e-mail and transferred to the
    machine via SD or MMC card
  • Round 17.5″
  • Specifications

    Capacity at 90°Rectangular 12″ x 12″
    Blade size1 1/3″
    Hp6 HP
    Mitering?90° Straight Cuts