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Capacity Rectangular (h x w) Round
90º 13” x 18” 13”
45º  13” x 10 ¾” 12”
30º  13” x 7 ¾” 8½”


Blade Size 1” x 14’10” 

Blade Drive 3Hp VFD

Voltage Please specify, 3 phase electrics

Blade Speed 40-350 SFM

Band Wheel Diameter 17¾”

Coolant Tank Capacity 6 US gal 

Mitering 0 to 60º mitering

Weight 2,900 lbs

Work Load 5,000 lbs.

Table Height 31”

Dimensions (w x l x h) 93” x 86” x 52”



Machine Base The machine base is designed and produced with electro-welded steel components for maximum rigidity and support. A removable 12 US gallon tank is built into the base and leveling bolts are located at the corners of the base. 

Saw Head Easy SWING, heavy duty Cast Iron saw head frame, with Counter Balance Springs and easy to read scale for head position in 1o increments (0 to 60o mitering). A cam lock brake provides reliable locking at the desired angle. Machine comes standard with a hydraulic positive down feed.

VFD Motor Heavy Duty 5 Hp motor with a A/C inverter provides infinitely variable band speed allowing for efficient cutting of various applications.

Shuttle Feed Heavy Duty Cast Shuttle Vise assembly mounted on reciprocating linear ball bearing provide materital indexing of up to 27” in a single movement with a length accuracy of .005” per stroke. The shuttle vise is prowered by a ballscrew and stepper motor. The infeed rollers are 2 5/16” in diameter.

Blade Wheels High quality Flanged cast iron wheels with heavy-duty wheel & gearbox shaft bearings. 

Guide Arms Premium cast iron, heavy-duty guide arms equipped with replaceable and pre-set carbide inserts (no adjustments needed) for accurate cutting. The idler side guide arm is adjustable for proper spacing and movement supported by a linear bearing.

Blade Guides Replaceable carbide insert guides housed in two heavy duty cast iron guide arms provide cut accuracy of  + / – .002” per linear inch of material and excellent vibration dampening.

Powered Blade

Brush Driven off the blade drive wheel the blade brush keeps the blade gullets clean, helping to maximize blade performance and life. 



Tensioning Mechanical tensioning assembly allows for quick and simple blade changing.  A LED display provides readout for proper tension setting. Machine will not operate unless proper band tension is applied.

Coolant System A centrifugal pump delivers ample coolant on the cutting area. The coolant flows through both drive and idler guide blocks with flow valves for quantity adjustment. A wash down hose with spray gun is also mounted on the machine.

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Switch Mounted on the shuttle vise, when the vise closes with no material between its jaws, the machine hydraulics shut down (The cut in progress at the time will finish before shut down occurs). Allowing for the machine to be left unattended with no danger of the machine cycling with no material.


Laser Light          Projects a crisp line of laser light along the blade line. This feature can be used for fast length      measurements or as a cut marker.


Work Light   Work light positioned on the top of the head, equipped with a flexible stem allows for easy   positioning over cutting area.



System A 1 Hp driven hydraulic pump supplies system pressure. The system pressure, through a 3-position directional valve system, controls all vises, head up/down movement.  The pump and motor assembly and hydraulic manifold complete with all function directional valves. 



System The electrical control components are housed in an easy access cabinet in the front of the machine.  Components and wiring are labeled for easy troubleshooting. 


Control Panel The NC controller controls the Automatic cycle and allows for Manual operation as well.  Job information, such as part length and quantity, is entered through the interface keypad. Up to 999 different jobs can be entered into the PLC memory, and can be called up and performed at any time.   Also, a JOB QUEUE function allows up to 100 jobs to be picked from the memory, and run consecutively. The automatic run sequence can be set so that the machine automatically pauses after the first cut between jobs in que in order to allow for a first off inspection prior to proceeding with the rest of the job. A wide variety of languages can be chosen for message screen display. 

Manual mode  Allows for a fast one cut operation. In this mode all functions are controlled and initialized by the operator. The display shows blade tension, blade speed, blade height position, feed rate, run time of the blade, run time of the cut and blade drive motor amperage draw.

Automatic mode The controller displays blade speed, blade tension part length, feed rate, quantity required, and piece count, job run time, total blade run time   The machine will shut down when the required number of pieces have been cut.



Full Capacity Overhead Bundling Clamp (Included)

Controlled and timed with the opening and closing of the side vise, a hydraulically powered overhead clamp moves down on the material. Very effective, and necessary for bundle cutting various material shapes & sizes.  Can also be effective in dampening cutting vibration.

Variable Vise

Pressure Provides vise pressure adjustment, on both vises, when thin wall tubing and other light material are being cut. Minimizing application deformation potential.

Mist Lubrication System As an alternative to the standard flood coolant system, an air mist system providing blade lubrication and cooling. No recovery is required as the mist evaporates.

Type 1 Idler Roller Conveyors 26” wide x 31” high – Maximum Workload – 5,000lbs 

Available in 5’ lengths, while welded in butt couplers allow sections to be bolted together to form longer lengths as necessary.

Type 1 Powered Roller Conveyors 26” wide x 31” high – Maximum Workload – 5,000lbs 

Available in 10’ lengths, while welded in butt couplers allow sections to be bolted together to form longer lengths as necessary. Includes gearbox, drive sprockets, and chain. Plus a remote pedestal with 10’ chord with 3-position (forward/stop/reverse) control. Choose between variable speed control (0-30 fpm) or fixed speed (30 fpm). 1 HP VFD is synchronized with machine shuttle movements on automatic machines

(NOTE: If more than 30’ of powered sections are to be coupled together, extra drive capability may be required – contact Hyd-Mech for details/pricing.