“USED” SSQ™ MultiPro Roof Panel Machine


The most advanced…accurate…user-friendly, multi-profile, roof panel machine ever. Change tooling in 45 minutes or LESS with one wrench and no tape measure.

AVAILABLE: New 1” Flush Wall / Soffit Panel Profile for the SSQ Roof Panel Machine! This NEW flush wall profile will run up to 22 gauge steel, Hot Melt Sealant interface available for application and offers a reveal from 0” to 3” in 1/2” increments. Also offers a non-powered perforator option.

  • 16 available Quick Change profiles available.
  • Polyurethane drive rollers
  • Trailer available (trailer in picture not included)
  • Hardened stainless steel forming roller system with shear dies
  • Hydraulic drive and shear
  • Push Button RUN/JOG controls at entry and exit ends
  • UL 90 rated panels
  • One pair of bead, pencil, striation or v-rib rollers
  • Welded tubular steel frame
  • Panel recognition safety photo eye
  • Length control limit switch
  • Power interruption safety circuit
  • Quick Change™ Profile Roller System
  • Quick Change Power Pac (choice of Gas or Electric)
  • Field formed panels have demonstrated compliance with UL580, Class 90 when a UL certificate accompanies the machine producing panel
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SSQ Panel Machine
Length           13’7”
Width              5’
Height            4’3” w/ over head rack
1’10” w/o over head rack
Weight           2,200 lbs

SSQ on Trailer (Available)
Length           17’6”
Width              7’
Height            6’3” with reel
Weight           4,800 lbs

75’/min. approx.

Hydraulically driven polyurethane rollers

Hydraulically powered, infinitely adjustable, hardened tool steel blades and dies, panel recognition safety photo eye

Coil Width
15” to 30” (30” coil requires remote decoiler or expandable reel)

Materials Formed
Steel 30 ga. to 22 ga. (painted, galvanized, aluminized)
Aluminum .019” to .040”
Copper 16 oz. to 20 oz. 3/4 Hard
Terne Coat Stainless 26 ga.


EZE CHANGE ROLLER SYSTEMS (All roller systems include shear dies)

FFQ100 1” Fastener panel

FWQ100 100 Roller system flush wall system


PR3-B Pererator assembly long frame – available

  • # TR12 – NATM compliant 12,000 lb capacity Tandem Axle Trailer with 4 independent jack stands, crane lifting eyes, electric brake & breakaway kit
  • # DR1 – Dual overhead bolt-on reel stand, machine mount
  • #DR01-EX – Expandable Arbor 16” or 20” ID each X2
  • #DRC01 – New Tech Controller
  • Bead rollers – per set*
  • #PCPP-G – Quick Change Power Pack – gas engine

* 1 set of rollers = 1 upper & 1 lower roller assembly