ALLSTEEL Model C-Series 350-16 Press Brake

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  • The ALLSTEEL line of press brakes have everything to meet your production requirements
  • ALLSTEEL combines the advantages of both mechanical and hydraulic press brakes, using it’s patented mechanical linkage system, assuring parallel ram movement regardless of uneven loading
  • Complete overload protection preventing jamming or damage caused  by bottoming
  • With their fast return speed and variable pressing speeds, the ALLSTEEL line can range from small, fast “sit down” jobs to heavy duty industrial pressing
  • ALLSTEEL features full tonnage over a long variable stroke with adjustable pressing speed and combines this with precise and parallel bottoming
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  • ALLSTEEL machines are furnished with complete electrics, motor, overload protected motor starter and foot switch remote control or palm button station
  • Die rail with groove, die retainer screws, sectional spring open die clamps, hardened clamping bolds and wrench.
  • Sturdy micro-adjustable back gauges, simple and fast setting.
  • Complete overload protection: no jamming or damage caused by bottoming
  • Foot switch remote control or palm safety buttons.
  • Off/set/jog/run/single mode selector switch.
  • Push button ram return from any position of stroke.
  • Die rail centering clamp blocks.
  •  Die hangers to facilitate turning of heavy multi dies.
  •  Extra long ram guides with adjustment screws for back to front and left to right adjustment, increases accuracy and machine life.
  • Hardened and ground ways.
  • Ram guides lined with a nonmetallic oil impregnated material: providing long lasting score proof sliding surfaces.
  •  Bed can be easily and accurately tilted from the front of the machine, allowing fade out work (tilting of bed instead of ram eliminates any side loads on ram guides).
  • 16′ Die holder
  • Foot Pedal Controller
  • Bed support/angles and bolster plates
  • Bending power: 350 Ton
  • Bending length: 192″/16′
  • Distance between centers: 174″/14.5′
  • Oil capacity: 205 gal.
  • Motor power: 30HP / 600V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz
  • Stroke: 0-8″
  • Daylight: 17″
  • Throat depth: 8″
  • Bed height: 34″
  • Bed width: 3.75″
  • Length: 192″
  • Height: 130″
  • Width: 62″
  • Weight: 54,000 lbs.


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