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The VULCAN 2900 PLASMA CUTTING SYSTEMS for max. sheet size 60” x 120”x 2. The cutting table itself is designed for a max. thickness of 3/8” in full 60” x 120” sheet format. 2000 lbs. MAX. WEIGHT. Capacity of the standard plasma unit is ¾” material.

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  1. a) The cutting speed is from 1 to 1,000 I.P.M. depending on the sheet metal thickness.
  2. b) Maximum positioning speed: 1,000 I.P.M.
  3. c) The speed is selected from the machine CNC Control. 

The machine will be delivered with one cutting table as mentioned above with exhaust hole (12 inches) at the bottom of the table. The customer must provide for his own air exhaust system with a capacity of approximately 3000 C.F.M. The machine also includes a 55-amp air plasma unit, with a variable output from 20 to 55 A.


The necessary air compressor, which should supply 99.997 % dry compressed air at 65 P.S.I. and 240 S.C.F.H. is not included in the machine delivery. The air filter and dryer quoted as a recommended option will insure a proper air supply for the plasma unit.

The machine must be installed on a solid level floor, It is also necessary to provide a ½” (13mm) diameter copper ground rod of approximately 10 feet (3.5m) length drilled into the floor and ground at a distance which is maximum 5 feet (1.5m) from the rear end of the table. All internal machine ground connections will be connected on to this ground for high frequency protection and noise suppression. The ground rod should have maximum 2-ohm resistance in relation to electricity ground.


  • Industrial – grade keyboard
  • Manual speed increase/decrease override
  • KERF compensation from .001 to .999
  • 24 pre-programmed shapes
  • Scale up / down
  • Part rotation
  • Shape repeat
  • RS232C 10 port optically isolated
  • Auto home sense to set 0/0 automatically
  • 2nd. Home set for piece work
  • Acceleration control
  • Automatic corner slow down
  • Automatic plate rotation for skewed plates
  • Risk processor 32 bit
  • DC servo power supply rated at 40 Volts, 15 amp
  • Encoder fed back for positioning
  • Tach fed back for smooth contour part programming
  • Motors, 50 Volt sealed motor encoder and tach for reliable dust-free operation
  • All cabling shielded to NEE specification
  • Remote safety stop switches and current limiting drives for safety
  • 19.2 baud rate for parts loading and complete fiber optic system for data transmission from office computer to machine control with 150 feet of cable
  • Optically isolated servo axes input and outputs
  • Machine control meets all requirements for European safety category no. 3



  • 100% duty cycle at 40-amp output solid-state inverter power supply with constant current output variable form 20 to 50 amps optimum performance on thickness from 28 gauge to 3/8” metal.
  • Hypertherm-shield nozzle to increase consumable life


  • For the plasma transformer: 208, 240, 480, or 600 AC, 1 or 3 phase 60 cycle incoming power 
  • For the CNC Control: 110/1/60 
  • For Office Computer Systems: 110/1/60


AIR FILTER/DRYER: Ensures that the air is clean and dry – suitable for proper operation of the plasma cutting systems. Zek NC Series Air Dryer  

SECOND TABLE/RAIL EXTENSION: allows for customers cutting with higher amperage torch systems and heavier material.

SI Teck Bit Driver Model 2005 Asynchronous Optical & Hypertherm HT40C Plasma Cutting System

HP Windows XP Desktop PC and Vulcan Input Software